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“Tea drinking is not wood chopping”

Tea drinking was not only assuaging of thirst, but ritual, hours of dialogues, heart-felt conversations around the Samovar.

If you are having your granny’s samovar…yes…that old samovar with a pipe, then you may kindle it with pine cones or with wood coal and have a hot tea!


How you can kindle the samovar

In the beginning you have to kindle first chip (not so small) over the absolutely empty samovar’s jug. Other chips will be later kindled from this one. You have to put the first chip to jug when it will be inflamed enough.

When you will be convinced, that the first chip is burning at the jug’s bottom too, then you can put there one more chip (it is better if the chips will be long). After that you have to put more chips (about half a jug of little more). Also you may put there cones too. The most important thing is not to extinguish the flame.

After that you could put on the samovar’s pipe. And if you want you may blow it through the holes at the bottom. Sometimes you really need to do this, and sometimes it is just for your pleasure.

Samovar may begin to boil after first set of firewoods. If that has not took place, then, of course, you have to put more firewoods.

There is one more way to kindle the samovar. In the beginning you have to put at the jug’s bottom some hot coals (from stove, for example), and after that you have to put there firewoods, and in the end you have to blow the samovar so intensively.

Picturesque samovar’s boot is used just in such cases. This way is easier and fast...if you can blow intensively enough and if you have the hot coals.

Boot or some other air-blowing mechanism can be used even if you are using usual way to kindle the samovar. If you will blow fast enough then the samovar will boil faster. Well…But now it looks little irrelevant – the main charm of the samovar is in it’s calmness.

Oh…and of course you only may to kindle the samovar full of water!

Strong, fragrant drink creates cosy family atmosphere, gives the feeling of peace.

Nice tea drinking to You!



Recipes to tea:

How to make tea?

Perhaps, there are as many secrets of tea-making as many tea-lovers.

For the special aroma you can put different additions to the teapot: dried mint’s leafs, jasmine flowers, different fruit essences – raspberry, cherry, lemon…

It is good to make “tea without tea” – only with dried blackberries, raspberries, black mountain ash

The best water for the tea is soft, just boiled.

Teapot must be washed with boiled water. After that you must put there dry tea, and let it to inflate a little. You may also put there a piece of lump sugar for the aroma. When the dry tea had inflated, you have to pour half a teapot of boiled water. After that, turn the clear napkin round the teapot, take it in hands, cover it’s nose hole by your finger and swing a little for 3-4 minutes

After that, pour the full teapot of boiled water. Your tea concentrate is ready! Upwards

How many tea you have to make?

Tea must be made just one time.

After you have drunk the first portion of tea, you can add some boiled water to the teapot (the second tea-concentrate). However, if you still want more tea then you have to shake out of the teapot old tea and make new tea (don’t forget to wash the teapot with boiled water again)

It is better not to drink strong just made tea for night, especially if you are having some heart illness.

In the evening it is better to drink tea that was made during the day. Upwards

Little Secrets

And now we’ll tell you some words about secrets of tea.

It is known, that tea-concentrate at cooling, becomes turbid-brown. And if you’ll dilute it with boiled water, the tea becomes transparent again… That is all because of caffeine, that is combined with tannin in tea, and causes turbiding in cool tea-concentrate.

And did you know why concentrate of black-tea has greenish shade and grassy taste? That is because old tea-leaves contain more chlorophyll than young leaves. Insufficient destroying of chlorophyll when you are making tea, causes reducing it’s quality.

And one more thing: never boil already made tea, because it will destroy aromatic substances. Upwards

Honey gingerbreads

For the HONEY GINGERBREADS take 400g. of wheat flour, 100g. rye flour, 2 yolks, one glass of milk or sour milk, one big spoon of burned sugar, one teaspoon of grinded cinnamon and citric peels, 2 grains of cardamon, 4 buds of clove, half a teaspoon of soda and badian, half a glass of sour creams and 500g. of honey.

Boil honey on the weak fire until it will become red, take off the foam. Mix one part of honey with rye flour, and then mix with other honey. Let this mix to cool a little, and then shake up with mixer up to white color. Mix burned sugar with yolks, add milk and wheat flour mixed with powdered spices.

Put both those mixes together and shake them up again. When the dough is ready put it in some form (thickness of layer must be approximately 1-2 cm). Bake the gingerbreads on slow fire. When the layer is baked, cut it on pieces.

Do you know how to make burned sugar? In the beginning you have to make dense sugar syrup and heat it up on the medium fire in the little saucepan with a thick metal walls. Don’t forget to stir it all the time. Do it until the syrup will become yellow. After this make the fire slower and continue to heat up and to stir your syrup until it become beige or light-brown. Watch out for your syrup not to become burned at all! When the syrup will be ready it will smell like caramel. You can reach it by proper adjustment of fire and by often stirring. Upwards

Raspberry gingerbreads

Take 4 glasses of dried raspberry, 3 glasses of honey, one and a half glass of dried rye bread, 2-3 spoons of sugar powder, including one spoon of vanilla sugar.

3 glasses of raspberry pour with 4 glasses of boiled water and cook on slow fire until raspberries won’t become soft. When the raspberries will cool down, squeeze them out through the gauze to receive 3 glasses of concentrated juice. Mix this juice with honey and boil this mixture. Make powder from dried rye bread and mix this powder with raspberry powder (made of that stayed glass of dried raspberries). Make dense dough from honey liquid and this powder. Heat the dough above the hot water so the raspberry-rye powder could increase it’s volume.

After that make scones from the dough and dry them into the hot but turned off stove. When the gingerbreads will be ready, strew them with flour and vanilla sugar. Upwards

Mint gingerbreads

Take 1-1.2 kg of wheat flour, sift it onto the table, make the little hollow in the middle of that flour heap. After that make the syrup: boil 2 glasses of water with 3 glasses of sugar for 10 minutes and cool this syrup.

Meanwhile, put one glass of sugar into the hollow in the flour heap and mix it with some part of flour. Add citric acid (not full teaspoon), 1-2 glasses of vegetable oil (the more oil you’ll put, then more gently gingerbreads you’ll cook) and cooled syrup, add 25 drops of mint oil and make the dough. Cut pieces from your dough and make little rolls. Bake them on middle fire. Upwards

Black gingerbreads

Take 3-4 glasses of dried and pounded rye bread, 2-3 spoons of fruit syrup, 2-4 spoons of honey, 2 yolks, one spoon of flour, 2 spoons of dry kvass concentrate, one teaspoon of soda and some spices.

Mix syrup and honey, and then heat this mixture (do not boil!). Add grinded spices and other components, make dense dough. Make layer (1 cm thickness) and bake it into the oven. After the layer is baked, cut it on the pieces and glaze them.

Making the GLAZE: take 500g of sugar and 3/4 glass of water, boil, take off the foam. Put gingerbreads into the wide dish (don’t put the gingerbreads one on another). Pour the glaze onto them and carefully mix with wooden spoon so all of their surface was glazed. Put the gingerbreads into the oven for one minute.

There is another way of glazing. Take 400g of sugar and 1/4 glass of water mix and boil until this mixture won’t become like dense sour cream. At the same time make dense foam from egg’s whites. Slowly, by parts pour hot sugar syrup to the foam (don’t forget to stir this all the time!)

Cover every gingerbread with this glaze using feather or brush. After that, dry the gingerbreads in hot but turned off oven. You’ll see that glazed gingerbreads are more attractive and more tasty! Upwards

Bagels (Boobles)

Make the dough from one teacup of cream, one teacup of yolks, one teacup of sugar, one teaspoon of soda with citric acid, and salt by your taste.

The dough will be very dense. Make bagels from it (like “O” letter). After that boil some milk and put in it your bagels. When bagels will emerge – take them by some stick and put on table so they could dry a little. When their surface will become dry turn up side down so their other side could dry.

When bagels will dry – bake them into the oven. Before baking you may strew bagels with poppy and spread with yolks. Upwards


Main ingredients for this biscuits are honey and 15 eggs. These home-made biscuits are very tasty!

So, take 5 eggs with their yolks and whites, and from other 10 take only yolks. Make foam. Add 2 glasses of honey and continue to shake this mixture. Add slowly 4 glasses of sifted wheat flour and continue mixing until dough will become homogeneous.

Now put the dough into the forms, strew with pounded nuts and bake in oven.

There is more interesting biscuits – “Moscow streets”. It has not usual taste because of raisins (carefully washed and cut at halves) added to the dough.

Make little balls (like Greek nuts) from the dough. Then make blocks from these balls (10-20 balls per block) and round every block with line of dough. Cover every block with glaze. Upwards


Take 3 glasses of sifted wheat flour, 4 eggs, 100g of butter, 1/3 glass of sugar and one glass of cream. Mix all these ingredients.

From this dough make little krendels (their shape is alike knots). Put them into the boiling water, wait until they emerge, take them from water, strew with sugar and bake in the oven.

You can try one more interesting recipe – KRENDELS FROM STARCH. Boil 2 cups of milk, add one cup of butter and boil again. Then slow down the fire and carefully add 3 full teacups of starch, stir with wooden spoon. Boil this mixture again and take it off from the fire. Stir with wooden spoon while this dough is cooling.

Put salt and sugar by your own taste. Put to the dough 6 eggs one by one, until dough will become liquid enough so you could make krendels from it. Put krendels to oven and bake until they’ll become rosy. Upwards

All of these recipes were taken from “Hozyayushka” ?11’94 magazine


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