This is not just a trademark, this is an ancient Slavonic amulet

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Agreement No___

For the ordering of item of national art-craft

Siberian Samovar (specify amount)



Combined Samovar "Mountain Ash & Cones" (specify amount)



On conditions of an advance payment at a size of 100 % of cost of the order.

I agree with conditions of making this order in time from 1 up to 3 months.

The price includes air-delivery and insurance of cargo.

*First name:

*Second name:


*Company name:

*The detailed address for delivery:



House number:  

Apartment number (if presented):     




All lines marked with * must be filled.


Here you may choose any flowers you would like to see in the composition on the "Siberian Samovar"

Roses: -pink  
  Red poppy Mountain ash & Cones
Pink poppy Mountain Ash
"Ann's eyes" Lilas
Forget-me-not Camomiles
Carnations Dogrose
Pattern Corn-flower
Strawberries Iris
Gooseberry Bees
Currants Butterflies
  Red berries Dragon-flies


Attention: Composition will be made by master according to your wishes


All rights are reserved